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Get to Know Us

Autoimmune "dis-ease" and the lymphatic system go hand in hand. The body is an ecosystem and one system can't function without the other. When the lymphatic system is happy and flowing properly, the parasympathetic nervous system can relax to allow the immune system to function at its designed capacity.

Lymphatic vessels and nodes are critical for clearing inflammatory cells from the body.

Having an over abundance of inflammation in the body causes the immune system to get overwhelmed, leading to autoimmune disorders.

SIMPLY HEALTHY combines private autoimmune health coaching with a personalized lymphatic massage and sauna plan to help you achieve remission from autoimmune disease, for good.

Simply Healthy Package

A collaboration with Rovera Health & Rest & Digest Wellness

$699 per month

✔️ 90-minute intake session

✔️ Monthly health coaching sessions

✔️ Weekly Health Coach Check-Ins

✔️ Online Portal + messaging service

✔️ 4 lymphatic massages/month

✔️ Unlimited sessions in the sauna

✔️ Discounted functional labs

✔️ Discounted supplements

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MEET YOUR THERAPIST - Savannah Kilpatrick

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 Savannah is a certified Integrative Health Practitioner and Autoimmune Health Coach. Battling autoimmune conditions from a young age and struggling as a new mom, I embraced a holistic approach to reclaim my health. Now free of autoimmune disease, I founded RoVera Health to help moms self-heal in 6 months without sacrificing family time. My mission is to equip you and your loved ones with tools for lasting well-being, fostering a ripple effect of health and vitality. Let's embark on this journey to balance, vitality, and fun together.

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